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Sartorial elegance has been part of Hanna’s life for as long as she can remember. As a child she would watch her mother make intricately designed clothing from richly coloured fabrics. Sometimes her mother would embroider them. At other times she would paint them by hand.

Growing up in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, Hanna was surrounded by incredible artisans who continue to honour the city’s legacy as a stop on the Silk Road. More recently, the country has become important for another export: oil. It led Hanna to work for an American engineering and construction company, where she travelled the world and indulged a love for exquisite apparel and accessories. It became more than a hobby as Hanna began purchasing pieces for family and friends then opened a small factory in Baku to produce capsule collections and bespoke pieces. This led to her designing and manufacturing uniforms for a number of high-end boutique hotels.

In 2007, Hanna moved to Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula and, with new family obligations, began thinking about her next steps. She studied accounting and human resources management, but her thoughts were never far from fashion. She noticed a demand for high-quality women’s shirts that were designed neither specifically for work or play, but could instead be worn for all occasions. That’s when HANNA EDWARDS Shirts was born, and now offers expertly designed and manufactured pieces that make women feel confident and beautiful.


The HANNA EDWARDS brand mission sets out how we achieve our vision while remaining true to our values. These are our four Fs…

Our manufacturing process starts at the beginning, with the textiles we use. We design and create all the cotton and silk fabrics used to make out shirts. Our partners carry organic certifications and are aligned with the Better Cotton Initiative.

No two women’s figures are the same, so in creating each of our patterns we sample and trial the design on three models of the same size to accomplish the best fit.

We don’t believe in keeping a piece in the wardrobe for special occasions. Dress our shirts up or down. Wear them to drop the kids off at school, to a board meeting, to cocktails on Saturday night. Elegance should be enjoyed every day.

We think every woman should face the world each day with confidence and courage. As we design our shirts those are the emotions we harness and hope to pass on to clients every time they slip into a HANNA EDWARDS shirt.








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